The move to Long Beach!

Packed up my room in Seattle and moved down to Long Beach to row for SoCal Scullers.  I had tons of fun at Lake Washington and so love Seattle, it made it hard to leave.  I miss my job at Safe-n-Sound and all my friends, but I have already met some amazing people in Long Beach.  Still working on housing and job, but I have a couple of promising leads.

The coaches here Dan McGill and Ian Simpson are both amazing, which makes it all worth it!

We are racing today in Sacramento at Head of the American.  Dan is an awesome engineer and has build a boat carrier on top his truck that is very impressive.  I was riding in the truck to the regatta when the driver accidentally filled up with unleaded instead of diesel, we sent most of yesterday at the mechanics.   Luckily the engine didn’t burn up, and we make it to Sacramento last night!  My race is at 2:45 pm today, West Coast Time, racing the open single against some of the best scullers in the country.  It will be fun!