Princeton for NSR1

We have all arrived in Princeton for National Selection Regatta #1!   Coach Dan did an amazing thing, driving the boats all the way across the country on Easter weekend.  He is always taking such good care of us.  Alex, one of the lightweight women on the team, has grandparents living in Princeton.   They are host our whole team in their home.  The house and gardens are beautiful,  lots of windows,  all wood, fireplace in every room, adorably New England in style.  Alex’s grandfather,  John,  is a really interesting and sweet guy.  He told me yesterday that President Grover Clevland and President Wilson, who’s homes are nearby, used to escape the hustle of their lives in this house’s library.  Angus, their Golden Retriever, is getting his share of attention.

Hopefully we will get on the water this afternoon for a few race pace pieces.  Racing starts Thursday, with 22 entries in the Women’s Lightweight Single, its going to be some intense competition.