Vesper Quad Camp

I moved to Philadelphia for the summer, to participate in Vesper’s Quad Camp. It has been going really well so far! Many of the top girls come to camp making it a very competitive field. There are nine of us. One has unfortunately already been cut and another girl chose to leave. So we are down to 7, going after 4 seats. We are training and racing very hard and it has been a lot of fun. Today we did 4x1k in quads. On the last piece on of the girl’s oar came out, she must not have secured her oarlock. In our seat racing oars go with you when you switch seats, she had just moved, so this is feasible. We restarted the piece and she owed everyone coffee after for making us all to an extra piece : ).  Practices are brutally long and hot, I burn tones of calories.  We have a 40min cool down jog after the pieces and we have 100min of cross training this afternoon. Thus for lunch, I made steak and eggs with mushrooms, quinoa, and green beans, basically amazing! We live in a monastery that Vesper rents out. We are staying here for free for the summer, which is really super nice. This is the last week of selection and Worlds Trials start this Monday. I think the boat is going to be very fast no matter the line-up. We are putting out some really fast times and I am excited to be a part of this group. The coaching, experience rowing with and getting to know these girls has been amazing. They are all such good people that I would love to spend more time with, even though we live, eat and row together already : ).

vesper quad camp

Princeton for NSR1

We have all arrived in Princeton for National Selection Regatta #1!   Coach Dan did an amazing thing, driving the boats all the way across the country on Easter weekend.  He is always taking such good care of us.  Alex, one of the lightweight women on the team, has grandparents living in Princeton.   They are host our whole team in their home.  The house and gardens are beautiful,  lots of windows,  all wood, fireplace in every room, adorably New England in style.  Alex’s grandfather,  John,  is a really interesting and sweet guy.  He told me yesterday that President Grover Clevland and President Wilson, who’s homes are nearby, used to escape the hustle of their lives in this house’s library.  Angus, their Golden Retriever, is getting his share of attention.

Hopefully we will get on the water this afternoon for a few race pace pieces.  Racing starts Thursday, with 22 entries in the Women’s Lightweight Single, its going to be some intense competition.


NCAA Commercial Extra

I am in this commercial that will show during March Madness.  I am participating in all the rowing clips, but the only one I am visible in is on the erg.  Its just a flash of me, as seen below.  It was quite the Hollywood experiences shooting the footage.  They treated us amazingly well, and fed us five star meals.  The costume, lighting, camera, sound and other crew were all very nice and friendly.  They rigged up a very cool camera operation in the stroke seat.  There were three camaras, one in the center and one extended over each side of the boat.  The whole operation moved with seven seat, who was actually stroking the boat.  I am sitting bow, so you really would not be able to see me.  We also took the sound guy, with all of his equipment, out in the coxswains seat, I think he had fun.

Just a fun side note, the reason they put me right in front of the camera for the erg scene:  my legs.


They’ve made the video private so its not available for viewing any more.





Row LA Day

My training buddy, Stesha, and I spent Friday helping Row LA with their erg education program.  Row LA is a nonprofit organization helping underprivileged girls in the class room and on the water.  Rowing is a door opener for may girls getting into college, it certainly was for me.  Row LA took over 7th grade P.E., boys and girls, for an entire weeks at an intercity LA junior high.  Stesha and I came for the last day, race day!!  We told them our story,  past around our medals, lead them in a warm up and cheered them on in their 500m erg race.  It was very exciting!  As the day went on the kids came in to class knowing the best times from earlier classes.  They were really into the race and loved holding our worlds medals.  I had a lot of fun cheering the kids on and seeing how much they wanted to win the erg race.  The fastest boy went 1:48 and the fastest girl went 2:01 for 500m, only having learned to erg 4 days earlier, and in 7th grade, I am very impressed!

row la day


USRowing ran an article about the event. Check it out!


New Boat

Wow, it has been a good week!  Fluid gave me an amazing deal on a brand new lightweight single.  She is beautiful!  Dan spent the last few days fitting it to me just perfect!  We had a 5k race yesterday, I was cruising!  Today’s practice was really productive.  The boat is very responsive, making it easy to feel what I was doing wrong.  Towards the end of practice Dan worked with me on my catches.  He got a lot of speed out of having me compress more to take the catch.  The back rigger on the fluid makes reaching farther at the catch easy!  Well, easy may be the wrong word : ).

new boat

West Coast Fall Speed Orders

Fall Speed Orders are a great chance to see how you stack up to the competition outside of spring race season.  This weekend I placed third out of the lightweight women on the erg and on the water at the West Coast Speed Orders.  First and second place went to the National Team lightweight double.  I completed the 6k erg in a time of 23:05.8, placing me third on the national level as well. I had a good race on the water, completing the 4k in 17:06.23.  It was great having something to train for and I look forward to continuing training through the very warm winter here in Long Beach.



Settled In!

An amazing family, Monica, Zeph, and Rose have taken me in to live with them! Monica is a rower and Zeph a basketball referee, they are both kind and fun. Rose is crazy amazing, she is full of energy and smart! I am family with them, and I have my own room!

settled in

We are gearing up for West Coast Speed Orders next weekend in San Francisco. It will be a 6k erg test on Saturday and on Sunday, a 4k on the water in the single.

The move to Long Beach!

Packed up my room in Seattle and moved down to Long Beach to row for SoCal Scullers.  I had tons of fun at Lake Washington and so love Seattle, it made it hard to leave.  I miss my job at Safe-n-Sound and all my friends, but I have already met some amazing people in Long Beach.  Still working on housing and job, but I have a couple of promising leads.

The coaches here Dan McGill and Ian Simpson are both amazing, which makes it all worth it!

We are racing today in Sacramento at Head of the American.  Dan is an awesome engineer and has build a boat carrier on top his truck that is very impressive.  I was riding in the truck to the regatta when the driver accidentally filled up with unleaded instead of diesel, we sent most of yesterday at the mechanics.   Luckily the engine didn’t burn up, and we make it to Sacramento last night!  My race is at 2:45 pm today, West Coast Time, racing the open single against some of the best scullers in the country.  It will be fun!