NCAA Commercial Extra

I am in this commercial that will show during March Madness.  I am participating in all the rowing clips, but the only one I am visible in is on the erg.  Its just a flash of me, as seen below.  It was quite the Hollywood experiences shooting the footage.  They treated us amazingly well, and fed us five star meals.  The costume, lighting, camera, sound and other crew were all very nice and friendly.  They rigged up a very cool camera operation in the stroke seat.  There were three camaras, one in the center and one extended over each side of the boat.  The whole operation moved with seven seat, who was actually stroking the boat.  I am sitting bow, so you really would not be able to see me.  We also took the sound guy, with all of his equipment, out in the coxswains seat, I think he had fun.

Just a fun side note, the reason they put me right in front of the camera for the erg scene:  my legs.


They’ve made the video private so its not available for viewing any more.