Canadian Henely

I did not qualify for the World Championships this year.  I took a couple weeks off to spend some time with my Mom.  I had a good trip and felt useful to her.  She is going through some health issues and needs TLC/strong arms : )

Now I’m back in the single, having some fun.  I drove a bus of Vesper kids up for the Canadian Henely and will be in St. Catherine’s all week!

This morning I raced the Senior Women’s Single Heat.  I had the fastest time of the day of 42 scullers in my event.  I will race the simi-final tomorrow at 2:18pm eastern time.  Two boats will progress to the final on Thursday.  I am also racing the open dash, a 500m race, on Saturday.  I am the first on the waitlist to get into the Champ Women’s single, so I still have my fingers crossed that someone will scratch the event and I will be able to race it as well.

So far Canada has been treating me very well.  I had a part on my fluid crack yesterday and was very concerned, but the charming men at Fluid fixed me up with a new part and set the rigger so that it will not happen again.

I’m rocking the Shimano shoes in my Fluid, which take up a bit extra room in the cock pit.  I already have a long stroke which means I’m at length capacity on the lightweight Fluid cockpit.  The Fluid guys took a look at it and were throwing out ideas of how to incorporate a longer cockpit or foot cross-bar instillation to suit me better.  Always pushing forward in boat design! Love it! Thanks Fluid

Even with all that, the best part of my day happened on my cool down jog.  After getting back to where we are staying, I went for a jog.  I found a path dirt road and then a path which lead to a lake.  The lake was beautiful, surrounded by forest, and clear green-blue with a rock bottom.  The air was still cool, as it was 9:30am and the sun was bright with puffy white clouds in the blue sky.  Still in my Vesper uni, I took of my tennis shoes and sunglasses.  The water was cold at first, but perfect after 5min of brisk swimming.

It’s finally nap time!