Vesper Quad Camp

I moved to Philadelphia for the summer, to participate in Vesper’s Quad Camp. It has been going really well so far! Many of the top girls come to camp making it a very competitive field. There are nine of us. One has unfortunately already been cut and another girl chose to leave. So we are down to 7, going after 4 seats. We are training and racing very hard and it has been a lot of fun. Today we did 4x1k in quads. On the last piece on of the girl’s oar came out, she must not have secured her oarlock. In our seat racing oars go with you when you switch seats, she had just moved, so this is feasible. We restarted the piece and she owed everyone coffee after for making us all to an extra piece : ).  Practices are brutally long and hot, I burn tones of calories.  We have a 40min cool down jog after the pieces and we have 100min of cross training this afternoon. Thus for lunch, I made steak and eggs with mushrooms, quinoa, and green beans, basically amazing! We live in a monastery that Vesper rents out. We are staying here for free for the summer, which is really super nice. This is the last week of selection and Worlds Trials start this Monday. I think the boat is going to be very fast no matter the line-up. We are putting out some really fast times and I am excited to be a part of this group. The coaching, experience rowing with and getting to know these girls has been amazing. They are all such good people that I would love to spend more time with, even though we live, eat and row together already : ).

vesper quad camp