Austin Texas – 2015 Winter Training

I’m so excited because my team, Vesper Boat Club, is going to Austin for three weeks to train this winter!!! As most of you know I am from Texas, so this is really special for me.  I will most likely stay with my Uncle Bern and Aunt Grace who are way cool, so that will be a treat in and of itself.  Also I’m excited to have my boat in Texas and show off my skills to my Uncle Bern, who rows, and any other friends who want to come check it out!  Plus, Austin is one of my favorite cities on the planet.  I love rowing and running around Town Lake, it is such an outdoorsy city.  Right now we are on the ergs, which is really good for me.  We had a 2k last week, with no 2k-prep work, I pulled 7:15, which is good.  However I think with some work at race-rate, I will do very well on our next test, Jan 30th.  The training trip will be from Jan 31st-Feb22nd.  If you are in Austin then, please give me a call.  I would love to hangout, or go for a run, or maybe even get a launch ride with the coach.  If you happen to know of anyone in Austin who would be willing to host one of my teammates for that time, they would be most appreciative.  I love the group I train with, its really why I’m here in Philadelphia.  They are all crazy hard working, and good friends.  I’m so glad my rowing world is coming to my Texas home : )  Hope to see you then.  Happy New Year!!

austin winter training

Erging at Vesper