LW2x Olympic Trials Race Schedule

Tuesday, March 17th   


Time Trial 

All progress to heats

Wednesday, March 18th        



Top 2 of each heat to Semifinals, rest to   Reps

Thursday, March 19th



Top 2 to Semifinals

Friday, March 20th



Top 2 to Finals

Saturday, March 21st



First place to Switzerland for the Olympic Qualifying Regatta


Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Olympic Trials, 1 month away!

Drone Credit to Dan Copenhaver

My partner, Michaela Copenhaver, and I are really moving the new Hudson shell.  Olympic trails is one month away.  We are gearing up for it by racing the Sarasota International this Sunday Feb. 23rd.  We will be racing the open women’s double and the lightweight women’s singles.  It should be fun and a great opportunity to practice under the gun.  Thank you for cheering us on!

Rowing at GMS

Video credit to Joseph LeMay. Housatonic River

I have been rowing at GMS since June. The coach, Guenter, is kind, and pleasant to work with. I believe his technical eye got me rowing very well for Trials. The group of kids, and a few masters rowers, are exceptional in character and fun to train with.

I’m now in a good housing situation with Riverbank Farm and have a little side job in the farm kitchen. I found a church that I like! I’m feeling very settled in.

The fresh vegetables from the farm are wonderful. I’m eating all organic, local and fresh everything!

Carl is coming to visit me in a week, so more photos to come!

Next up is the Head of the Charles. I’m very excited for that!

When the weather starts to turn, I’ll ‘snow bird’ down south to Sarasota.

So far rowing at GMS has been a wonderful experience. I hope I’m able to continue my relationship with GMS after this fall.

Back at it!

My teammates at Vesper, Kate Berko and Devery Karz competed in Rio at the 2016 Olympics.  However only two lightweight women get to go, and I fell short.  It was a great journey, which I was more than honored to be a part of.


On September 30th, 2016 I married Carl Samaniego!  We were wed in the church I grew up, Friendswood United Methodist, in Friendswood, TX.  It was beautiful!  Carl and I took a honeymoon to Alaska, which was extraordinary!  We have a new home together in Philadelphia until 2020!  With Carl’s love and support I believe I will grow stronger.  I am 28 years old and will be 32, for the Tokyo Olympics.  In rower years this is not too old, it’s just right.

I have started to train again, building fitness with a extra focus on core and proper recovery.  We have a 2k erg test in December to see where we are at.

NEW Women’s Seat

Cocker now makes a rowing seat specifically designed for a lightweight women.  I took it for a 70min easy row yesterday, with no butt pads (I usually use two sorenomore pads stacked), to experience it on its own.  It was better than my carbon Fluidesign seat, with the two sorennomore pads.  The new seat will make it easier for my body to put in the miles.  If you are interested in helping me purchase the new women’s seat pad the link below makes it easy, it will cost $125.00 and is tax deductible for you.  I would really appreciate the gift and contribution to my boat speed and dreams.  Thank you all for your continued support!!













Canadian Henely

I did not qualify for the World Championships this year.  I took a couple weeks off to spend some time with my Mom.  I had a good trip and felt useful to her.  She is going through some health issues and needs TLC/strong arms : )

Now I’m back in the single, having some fun.  I drove a bus of Vesper kids up for the Canadian Henely and will be in St. Catherine’s all week!

This morning I raced the Senior Women’s Single Heat.  I had the fastest time of the day of 42 scullers in my event.  I will race the simi-final tomorrow at 2:18pm eastern time.  Two boats will progress to the final on Thursday.  I am also racing the open dash, a 500m race, on Saturday.  I am the first on the waitlist to get into the Champ Women’s single, so I still have my fingers crossed that someone will scratch the event and I will be able to race it as well.

So far Canada has been treating me very well.  I had a part on my fluid crack yesterday and was very concerned, but the charming men at Fluid fixed me up with a new part and set the rigger so that it will not happen again.

I’m rocking the Shimano shoes in my Fluid, which take up a bit extra room in the cock pit.  I already have a long stroke which means I’m at length capacity on the lightweight Fluid cockpit.  The Fluid guys took a look at it and were throwing out ideas of how to incorporate a longer cockpit or foot cross-bar instillation to suit me better.  Always pushing forward in boat design! Love it! Thanks Fluid

Even with all that, the best part of my day happened on my cool down jog.  After getting back to where we are staying, I went for a jog.  I found a path dirt road and then a path which lead to a lake.  The lake was beautiful, surrounded by forest, and clear green-blue with a rock bottom.  The air was still cool, as it was 9:30am and the sun was bright with puffy white clouds in the blue sky.  Still in my Vesper uni, I took of my tennis shoes and sunglasses.  The water was cold at first, but perfect after 5min of brisk swimming.

It’s finally nap time!

Pan American Games Trials

This Sunday will be the time trial for the Pan American Games US Trails.  I will be racing in the lightweight double with Liz Euiler.  It has been going well and we are excited to through down.  Heats will be Monday morning, reps Monday afternoon, and final on Wednesday!  The race is held in Princeton, NJ at Mercer Lake.  You will be able to watch a live feed online, check Row2k.com for the video link and results.